About Lino Mūza

“Lino Mūza” (lithuanian for “Linen Muse”) is hand-made linen clothes for women, men and children. While designing these clothes it is thought not only about how nice, smart and elegant people wearing them will look, but also about their convenience and certainly about their exclusivity. The ideas for a new design of each “Linen Muse” item come from our past, culture, ideology and traditions.
The material of clothes, linen, has not been chosen accidentally. It is hundreds of years it has been valued for its quality and is one of the oldest types of textile in the world. Already about 5000 B.C. linen clothes were worn in Egypt. It is known that Lithuanians also grew linen for long time ago. Flax is mentioned in the oldest Lithuanian folk songs, in folklore it is called “a sacred plant”, “a herb of the sun” “a woman’s crop”. That is probably because the fibre of flax is very strong, it is live, natural, the body can breathe; it is ecological, and characterized by anti-allergic properties. Linen warms when it is cool at night, and cools when it is hot in the day.

 Even though new linen fibre is very strong and not elastic and because of that creases easily, after each washing the material softens and becomes less wrinkly.
 Compared to cotton fabrics, linen ones wear out 5 times more slowly.
 It is better to iron a linen fabric from its flip-side, slightly damp with a hot iron.
 A linen fabric does not get yellowish with years; on the contrary, it becomes whiter and softer.
 Linen fibre moistens and dries quickly, thus at a cool night the fabric warms and cools the body in the hot day.
 Of all types of textile it is the most resistant to temperature.
 Of all types of fabrics linen makes the best micro-climate for the skin, because it is permeable to air, absorbs moisture and sweat well.
 A linen fabric is ecological and does not cause any harmful impact on the nature.
Maintenance of Linen. While washing linen products rough rubbing should be avoided, and while washing by a washing machine, an intensive washing mode should not be used. The recommended washing temperature is up to 40°C. After the first washing linen clothes may shrink up to 5 per cent. In order to iron out the wrinkles use a hot iron with steam.
A clothes collection „A Twosome Walk“ – differences between people’s opinions, behaviours, thinking. Each item of the collection is unique by its symbolic meaning, subtle and has a rich gamma of colours and ornaments. Together they are a walk in the world of the folk art symbols by analysing the meanings of ornaments as signs. An exclusive place in this collection is taken by ceramic jewellery which makes clothes individual and smart and provides the person who wears them with the feeling of security.
In 2006 this collection won the II place at „Dizaino dienos“ (The Days of Design);
In 2007 at the republican contest „Mano idėja Europai“ (My Idea for Europe) it was assessed for the III place;
In 2007 at the forum-contest of industries „Bobų vasara“ (The Indian Summer), whose chairperson of the commission was A. Pogrebnojus, the collection won two nominations: ,,Kūrėjo iššūkis“ (The Artist’s Challenge) and „Grand Prix“;
In 2008 the collection was exhibited in the international exhibition „Baltijos tekstilė ir oda“ (Baltic Textile and Leather).
A collection of male shirts which was presented by the band Thundertale (Lithuania). The clothes of “Linen Muse” especially suited for the members of the group who cherish values, traditions and promote patriotism and work for ideas themselves.
Created (recreated) linen collection for the band „Vivo“ (Utena, Lithuania)